KODI Repair/Installation

$40.00 AUD

KODI Installs, Repairs & Service.


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Not sure how to Install KODI? Need a professional to install it for you? Are you getting Script Errors & becoming Frustrated?

Well don’t be, let DROIDWORLD take over.

You’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to send your device to us, we can do this remotely.

Sometimes installing KODI can be tricky, especially on Android, where there are so many versions and variations in hardware and software, it can be difficult to get things going.


Some Common configuration problems can lead to:

No Audio or Audio Playback issues,

No Video or other playback issues such as videos only playing on the top left of screen,

Stuttering and jerky playback of HD 720P & 1080P videos,

& more

We can service your device for you, and get KODI up and running the way it should be.


For Android TV Boxes, Android Tablets, Android GamePads & Windows TV Boxes; We have access to Custom KODI versions which are tailored for their specific hardware chipsets.


For example: 

AMLogic based devices (Such as S805, s812, s802, s905, s812, s912, MXq, M8, M8S, MX3, MINIX X8-H Plus, Tronsmart VEGA S95 & more).

Intel & Windows TV Boxes (Such as MINIX Neo Z64, Pipo X7, Pipo X9, Wintel W8 & more)

RockChip RK3188 based devices (Such as CS918, Q7, TR42, KR42,  Rikomagic RKM MK902, MK809IV, Ugoos UT2, MINIX Neo X7, CX919ii, J22B, JXD, GPD G7, MK809III & more).

RockChip RK3288 based devices (Such as MK903V, GPD XD, GPD Q9, CS918III, B368, MK807IIIS, Rikomagic RKM MK902II, Ugoos UM3, Measy B4S, UBOX R89, CloudNetGo CR13S, EKB328, X8, Tronsmart Orion R28, Beelink R89 & more).

RockChip RK3368 based devices (Such as Zidoo X6, Tronsmart Orion R68, Ugoos UT4, Measy B4T, CloudNetGo CR18 Plus, Beelink i68 & more).

For these types of devices, we have Custom KODI versions which are tailored for their specific hardware, which means optimized playback & more stable. 

Simply purchase this package and in the “Order Notes”, tell us which MODEL device you own (if you don’t know which model it is, you can send us a message via our “Contact Us” Form & attach a photo of your device), and let us know what your problem is, and what you would like done to your device – then simply wait for a DroidWorld Tech to contact you within 24 hours.


If you prefer to send your device to us for repairs, installation or services, we can also cater for that.

Choose the option which suits you best. Doing this remotely will save you postage costs ($7.45 each way), but sending your device to us will be hasslefree for the non-tech-savvy. The options are here for you to decide 🙂

We have our own workstations, so you just need to us your device without any cables/packaging or accessories. Simply include a pre-paid return satchel in the package.


Please Note: This service is available for any Android Media Players, TV Boxes & Tablets, any Windows PC, Laptops & MINI PC’s, Macbook Pro, Amazon Fire TV & Amazon Fire Stick.


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