27/06/2017 – There is a new version of XMedia Center (Kodi) which has been released today.

If you purchased/received your device before this date, you need to update the program now. (Please note that this is different to the standard update via the Wizard. This is an update to the actual Kodi platform).

We have developed a fork of Kodi which merges Kodi 17 and Kodi 16 (combined).

For those who aren’t aware, Kodi 17 is SUPER BUGGY! We personally dislike it, as do many others. It especially has playback issues aswell as other bugs.

The solution was to combine the essentials from Kodi 17 (such as SSL / HTTPS support & newer version of python – which will allow more HD content to be compatible/accessible via third party addons). You may have noticed that some Kodi addons stopped showing many HD sources – this upgrade will resolve that issue, plus many other issues. Also, this new version will fix the AFL Addon as it requires SSL for the streams to work. While keeping the reliability and functionality of our custom Kodi 16 (such as hardware decoding/acceleration support, 4K, automatic frame rate switching, HD Audio etc). Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds 🙂

Also take note that if you were mislead by other sites claiming that you need to buy a new box to continue to enjoy Kodi – you have been lied too! Kodi currently does not have any Android engineers, and have stopped supporting the AMCodec, RKCodec & libstagefright video codecs for quite some time now. These along with other patches used to be used to fix stuttering, HD playback & more for Kodi on Android. Whilst they keep upgrading Kodi to 17, soon 18 – these numbers don’t mean a thing, other than playback issues and bugs for Android users. Our version of Kodi will work on all Android devices, including those older than Android 5.1 (ie; Android 4.4 kitkat). You can read more about that here from a third party article. Today we will release the APK’s (apps) to the public.

XMedia Center is originally a custom fork of Kodi (made by XMEDEX) which is tailored and designed for Android TV Boxes – you will find that it can handle video playback much more effectively than the standard Kodi 17, whilst bringing further enhancements for TV Box chipsets. (Please note that XMEDEX is not affiliated with SuperMax or the Wizard or addons, or our services – so you should not contact them for support). The versions of XMedia Center below are those modified to include the SuperMax Wizard installer.


Before you rush to download, we would like you to click here to visit this page which outlines new changes to the SuperMax Wizard service, aswell as the included content.

Once ready, please see the instructions below on how to install the new version:


If you already have XMedia Center installed (older version) – you should uninstall it first. (if you have the original Kodi installed, you dont need to uninstall it, as you can have both XMedia Center and Kodi running side by side, Although we do recommend you uninstall Kodi too as it will save you disk space, and you wont need to use it anyway).

To uninstall XMedia Center or Kodi, you need to go to the android settings of your box. For older AMLogic based boxes running Android 4.4 kitkat (such as MX3, M8, Minix X8H Plus etc), you need to go to the ‘all apps’ section of your device. Then find and click on ‘SettingsMBOX’, then go to the ‘Other’ Tab, then click on ‘More Settings’. Now the standard Android settings menu will appear. Scroll down and click on ‘apps’ – it will now display all the apps installed on your device. Keep scrolling down until you see “XMedia Center”, click on it, and then press “uninstall”.

Please see this video which will assist you in these steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH4HRpQycvA

To uninstall XMedia Center or Kodi on newer boxes using Android 5 Lollipop or above, (or older Rockchip based boxes such as CS918B), its much more simple. Just go to the ‘all apps’ section of your box, then find and click on ‘settings’. Now the standard Android settings menu will appear. Scroll down and click on ‘apps’ – it will now display all the apps installed on your device. Scroll through the “downloaded apps” until you see “XMedia Center”, click on it, and then press “uninstall”.


To install the new version of the media center, you simply have to open the internet browser on your box. Once you open the internet browser, you will need to type the applicable link in the top address bar (please note, you need to type the link in the HTTP:// ADDRESS BAR – NOT in the google search bar!).

Please type the link which is for your box (VERY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE CORRECT ONE OTHERWISE WILL BE VERY BUGGY AND CRASH) – if you need help choosing the correct one, just let us know!

If you have an XMEDEX XTREME or XMEDEX XTREME PLUS, please type the following URL in the top address bar in the internet browser: http://supermaxwizard.com/go/xmc.apk

(DO NOT install the version above if your box does not say “XTREME” on it, or if you are not sure if your box is the XMEDEX XTREME model).

If you have an INTEL Z64 minix, or a Wintel W8 (intel based box) please type the following URL in the top address bar in the internet browser: http://supermaxwizard.com/go/intel.apk

FOR ALL OTHER DEVICES (majority of boxes) (ie; minix neo x8h plus, minix u1, tronsmart, m8s, mx3, droidworld qtv, minix neo U9h, Tronsmart R68 etc), please type the following URL in the top address bar in the internet browser: http://supermaxwizard.com/go/aml.apk

Once you hit OK, it will automatically start the download in the background. Once the download is finished, go to the ‘all apps’ or ‘my apps’ section of your device. Inside there, there is a ‘download’ icon. Open that folder, and inside you will find the downloaded file.
Simply click on it, then click ‘install’.

If the new app wont install from the ‘download’ icon, then you need to install the app through the ‘file manager’, not through the ‘download’ icon. So please go In the ‘my apps’ section of the box, click on ‘file manager’ (sometimes called ‘explorer’ ‘file browser’ etc), then click on ‘local’ or ‘internal’ (the first folder that appears), then scroll down and click ‘downloads’, and inside here just click on the file to install

If you get a message such as “app not installed” or “installation blocked” or “this app may damage your device or steal your personal information” when trying to install the app, please note: this is the default security which is usually enabled on all android devices. You may get a message like this when installing apps OUTSIDE OF THE GOOGLE PLAY APP STORE (such as this app). To solve this problem, please go to the ‘android settings’ on your device, then scroll down and click on ‘security’. Now inside here, please ENABLE “unknown sources”. Then you need to DISABLE “verify apps” – once you make these 2 changes, the app will install successfully without any problems. (feel free to re-enable these settings after you install this app – this is totally fine) 🙂


Now that you have installed the new version of the media center, you are ready to use the SuperMax Wizard,

Inside the media center, click on programs > program addons > supermax wizard > insert username password (you will find these in your email) > then click install package

Or you can refer to this page with more detailed instructions on how to install the package: https://droidworld.com.au/question/how-to-install-the-supermax-wizard-package/

After the package installs, if you would like to install a country package (such as the greek option pack), click on the new ‘update’ menu. This will launch the supermax wizard directly (it may take a few seconds to pop up). Then instead of clicking ‘install package’, this time click on ‘country layouts’. Press the up arrow key to highlight ‘greek’, then click the right arrow key to press the red ‘install’ button. This will add a new greek menu to the homescreen.

The app you need to use for watching the Greek channels is called ‘supermax greek tv’ which you will find in the new greek menu

Or you can refer to this page with more detailed instructions on how to install an optional country pack: https://droidworld.com.au/question/installing-optional-country-packs/


If you are not a DROIDWORLD customer, you are still more than welcome to use this custom version of Kodi on your box. It will have the SuperMax Wizard installed in the ‘programs’ section, but you can disregard that and pretend it doesn’t exist. We have released the apps to the public to help the community for those who have older Android Boxes that have been told they need to throw it away and buy a new one. Or for those who have purchased a box from elsewhere without doing enough research, only to face playback issues and other bugs rendering the box useless (for Kodi).

If you are not a DROIDWORLD customer, but would like to use the SuperMax Wizard on your device, without having to buy a new box from us, you sure can!

You simply need to purchase a license for the software. It is a one-time fee, which will activate your device to use the SuperMax Wizard service. (Note that each license is valid for ONE device only).

You can use this page to make the purchase: https://droidworld.com.au/product/kodi-repairinstallation/

In the order notes, please write which model device you own or will be using this on (also works on Kodi for PC, Mac & Windows), so we can send you the applicable installation instructions 🙂