Turn your TV into a BEYOND SMART TV.

Utilizing the Android Operating System, there are NO limits.


Complete Android Operating System onto your TV!

With access to the Google Play Store, you can download both Games and Apps to use on the big screen. (Same as a tablet or Android phone).


xmedexSocial Media

Sign in to your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other service you currently use & receive notifications directly onto your TV.


Our devices are fitted with high performing Graphics Processors. This means our devices are able to play many of the latest Games available on the Google Play Store. You can connect a wireless keyboard/mouse touchpad or other gaming controllers to help enhance your gaming experience.




The DroidWorld Streaming Box will become your complete all-in-one entertainment hub.

Connect your External HDD/USB/SD CARD directly to the media box & use our File Explorer application to browse your portable device.

Watch your movies, listen to your music, view your photos, all in the one place. Our DroidBox’s will play almost all types of Audio files and almost all types of Video files. 

  • Audio Formats: MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC/OGG/AC3/WAV + more
  • Audio Output – HDMI, optical SPDIF, and AV
  • Video Formats: 1080P@60fps multi-format video decoder

 Some models are capable of up to 4K Ultra HD 2160P

*For exact specifications, please see the individual product listing for accurate information.



Use the pre-installed internet browser to surf the net, from your couch! browsers

You may also use Google Chrome, or any other browser or service such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to completely utilize your media box and your experience.



netflix media player android tv box australia android tv box australiaandroid tv box


The DroidWorld Streaming Box will give you access to thousands of third party applications within the Kodi XBMC platform..

What does that even mean?

There are third party apps which provide FREE (no monthly charge) access to US TV Channels, UK TV Channels, Greek TV Channels, Turkish TV Channels, Spanish TV Channels, Portuguese TV Channels, Vietmanese TV Channels & many other international channels. The list goes on! 

There is even a Live TV PVR Client within the Kodi XBMC platform.

Watch any channel, anywhere in the world! The unique setup allows you to stream anything, anywhere, without the need of a proxy or VPN, just plug & play!

These services are provided by companies such as FilmON.tv and USTVnow plus other third parties.



Want to watch Movies On-Demand? With the DroidWorld Entertainment Box, you can stream movies on-demand. Watch what you want, When you want. Simply search or browse one of the Kodi XBMC add-ons using the DroidWorld Social Media Box. The boxes are also compatible with NetFlix!


TV Series

Missed the last episode of “example tv show”? Well don’t stress, catch up on any TV Series and watch your favourite TV shows in a simple, easy to use fashion. The DROIDWORLD Streaming box caters for all your viewing pleasures.



Listen to your favorite songs or radio stations from across the globe. Over 5000 Radio Stations to choose from!

Audio output will come directly from your TV or Surround sound system.


So what makes DroidWorld Streaming Boxes so great?

The all in one Entertainment Center.

Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Pictures, Music, Karaoke all in the one place! Utilizing the XmedexXBMC software, the APP uses a simple on-demand style navigation, without the need of using any web browser. It allows users to play and view content from local/network storage media, as well as internet streams and third party apps all within the Kodi XBMC platform.


The DroidWorld Wizard.

The DroidWorld Wizard can instantly configure your device with the best 3rd party add-ons, features, and custom UI. With over 130 Apps enabled plus access to an additional 2000 apps for you to browse through and install. All repositories, extensions, sources, playlists + more will be installed and configured onto your device automatically. Whenever there is a new fix, addon, or change to the initial setup, the updates will be pushed through directly to your device through the DroidWorld Wizard!

Click Here for more information about the DroidWorld Wizard.

For more information about the Custom XmedexXBMC that we use, please visit the Official Xmedex website.


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Looking for another reason to buy from DROIDWORLD ?

30 day money back guarantee.

12 months Local Warranty on our entire range of media hubs

Lifetime of updates and support

Online support, YouTube, & Facebook. Forum coming soon…


Due to the nature of this item, we are not responsible for the content streamed to it and neither do we condone piracy so you must satisfy yourself that either you or the sites accessed for streaming hold the applicable copyright agreements and are entitled to access and stream this content. Some third party apps search the public domain (the public internet) for streams. We can not control where the streams are found, or find out whether they are licensed to stream in your jurisdiction.

Click here to read our Legal Disclaimer