If you have installed other Kodi addons onto your system, but get an ‘error’ when trying to open them, please see the below:

Can you please confirm the following;

1) You uninstalled the old version of the XMedia Center app from the android settings

2) You installed the new version of the Xmedia Center app (released on 27/06/2017) – **this is different than the standard update from the Wizard.

Instructions for both of the above are here: https://droidworld.com.au/question/new-update-for-supermax-wizard-and-xmedia-center-download-links/

3) After installing the new version of Xmedia Center, you clicked on ‘programs’, then ‘program addons’, then ‘supermax wizard’, then entered your username and password > then installed the new package

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then please “clear data” on the xmedia center app from the android settings, and start fresh

Instructions for doing that is here: https://droidworld.com.au/question/how-to-update-supermax-and-how-to-clear-data/

Following this guide will definitely solve your Kodi addon error issues

** you can also refer to this forum post which has more information: http://supermaxwizard.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&p=30990