Who We Are.

Here at DroidWorld we provide our customers with the ULTIMATE Entertainment Package.

We are Australia’s leading provider of Android TV Boxes and Internet Media Streaming Devices.

We ship world-wide!


DroidWorld is run by a team of enthusiasts, based in Melbourne, Australia. We are Tech Geeks & love working with technology. We stock the finest variety of DroidBOX’s, as well as android remotes, android air mouses, android mini PC keyboards and other accessories.

We are an authorised dealer of many tech brands and products, including but not limited to:

MINIX Neo (x8-h, x8h plus, U1, z64 Android & Windows, MINIX A2 Lite Air mouse), Tronsmart (MX3 / MXIII, MXIII PLUS, Orion R68 META, Orion R28, Vega s89, draco aw80, MK908 MK809 mk808b plus, Mars G01), Xmedex (Xtreme Series), RiiTek (rii i7, rii i8, rii i25, rii i28), Wintel W8 Windows/Android TV Box.

We also have our own DroidWorld branded products including:

DroidWorld Android Media HUBs (CS918B, CS918S Android TV Camera/Video Conference Box, CS968, MxQ, M8S), DroidWorld X7 Android Air Mouse Remote.

All of our products are located and shipped from Melbourne, Australia.


The great thing about shopping online with DroidWorld is that your Warranty is also in Australia.

DroidWorld has close ties with many major manufacturers, and we have an excellent Warranty service in place. There are no long waiting delays for repairs, our Warranty is simple, quick & efficient. If your device has a minor issue which is repairable in Australia, we will repair it onsite and ship it back to you. If it has a major hardware issue, we will simply replace it for a brand new device, and have the new replacement shipped to you ASAP, we take care of all the rest. Can you find better service elsewhere?!

We only source quality brands and products, including our own in-house items.

Enjoy our 12 Months Australian Hardware Warranty Guarantee on all Media HUBs that we stock.

In most cases buying tech products online from overseas (or Australian sellers shipping from overseas) can be a risky business. In some cases, even a nightmare! Especially when it comes to communication, problems, returns or Warranty issues. It is now common for many “Australian” websites or eBay accounts to pretend that they are in Australia, and pretend to ship from Australia, when infact they are actually in China or Hong Kong using expedited shipping services. It usually becomes known when the parcel takes 2 weeks or more to arrive. The issue here is that your Warranty (if any) will also be overseas, and you will be responsible for those expensive returns. 

Do you trust an Overseas Warranty? Be Smart. Shop DroidWorld, your Local Entertainment Retailer.

We can confidently say that you haven’t experienced Entertainment until you try the DroidWorld Streaming Box.

We provide a plug-n-play service for our customers. The DroidWorld Wizard will transform your device into a Fully Loaded Powerhouse of Entertainment, Literally!

*Play Games and Apps with complete access to Google Play

*Surf the internet & YouTube on the Big Screen

*Get Facebook, Instagram, Email and other notifications onto your TV

*Stream movies On-Demand

*Stream your favourite TV Series On-Demand

*Stream Live TV Channels from across the globe (US, UK, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Portuguese & many other International Channels).

You will also receive a lifetime of free updates to your device through the DroidWorld Wizard.


What’s the deal with the DroidWorld branded products?

DroidWorld branded products are sourced by us directly. We have many ties with many large factories and manufacturers abroad. You may see Android devices on the internet which look exactly the same as the DroidWorld branded boxes, but that does not mean they are the same Android TV Box. This is a common false assumption by many online shoppers who think “I can buy that for cheaper from China”. Today we will leak the secret; These devices are commonly referred to as “Generic” devices sold by many different online retailers under different names. They are not owned by one specific company or brand. They are “public” designs (not private or patented) which multiple factories produce, using their own components, with the same external case. The way it works, is, the factories produce the “shell” (external casing) for the device, and other companies/factories are free to use their own hardware inside.

In this case, we will refer to the CS918B model specifically. The CS918B model, has atleast 10 different versions on the market, produced by different factories. Many models have CHEAP hardware, which is prone to cease working after a short period of time, due to bad Quality control and cheap components. They sell for cheap, and will last you enough time to leave the overseas or local seller positive feedback on the purchase. Different models have various differences in hardware components, as well as different WiFi chips. Below we will list what we have seen directly, from cheaper variant devices, and these are the factors to consider before buying a Generic Android TV Box elsewhere:

  • Clone PCB Boards (the main board)
  • Cheaper WiFi modules with short range and bad connection
  • No heatsink on the CPU (no overheat prevention)
  • Cheaper components (we once saw an entire USB port come out with the USB stick!)
  • Versions with no Bluetooth
  • Versions with smaller RAM and smaller STORAGE
  • Bad firmware (software) on the device, making many Android functionalities not compatible with the unit

You can be 100% certain that when buying a DroidWorld branded product, that our products are manufactured to the highest quality. We don’t source cheaper variants or use methods to cut costs. Infact we have users that purchased CS918B models back in 2013 which are still functioning today! The reason we introduced the DroidWorld branded products, was to provide our customers with options. The option for a high quality product, without a premium branded price tag. We also have custom firmware/software on our units, to provide you with an optimized Android Media Experience on your TV! We put a lot of testing and effort into a product before we release it!


The best thing about buying from DroidWorld

is that you dont need to worry about maintaining your device. We do all the hard work for you. Whenever there is a new software update available, or any other change required, we push that update to our DroidWorld Wizard which is available for you to download at any time!

We also provide a Hard-Copy Instructions Manual written by DroidWorld with all purchases of any DroidWorld Streaming Device. The small but detailed Guide is designed to help customers use Kodi / XBMC. It also categorizes channels by countries, with recommendations and so-forth.

If you haven’t seen the DroidWorld Media Box in action, you are missing out! Please visit our Features page, as well as our DroidWorld Wizard section to gain a complete understanding of what DroidWorld Media Streaming devices are capable of.

If you’re looking to purchase an Android Smart TV Box from Australia, then look no further!


Are you interested to know more about DroidWorld? Want to read about the History of the company? Click here.


Our Respect goes out to XBMC.org / Kodi.tv ‘Team XBMC’ Created in 2003.

Thanks for your hard work in developing an amazing media center for Android.

Please remember that all Apps/Add-ons on the XBMC Platform are created by third party developers, and are provided for free. We hope that you can also show them the support they deserve. Many add-ons display the publisher and their respective website. We welcome all our customers to visit these websites and show your support 🙂

– *The DroidWorld Team.