History of DroidWorld, from beginning to present.


DroidWorld was established as a hobby in January 2013, as a home/side eBay business run under the account “SS-Distributer1” selling various tech gadgets, including Android Media HUBs. In mid-2013,  we became solely focused on Android TV Box’s and accessories, becoming eBay Australia’s most prominent Android TV Box Seller and number one in the country for all of the devices we stocked. Kodi/XBMC was a very popular media player, and this media center was one of the main reasons that the Android TV Box industry began to rise. The only problem was that KODI/XBMC did not 100% (and still does not 100%) support most Android devices. This meant that users would constantly face “stuttering”, frame drops, audio issues, and video playback issues within the KODI/XBMC platform, especially when it came to HD content. DroidWorld used this “problem” to its advantage, and helped create a custom KODI/XBMC version formerly known as “XmedexXBMC” (now known as “X-Media Center”) which added the required Android Video Codecs/Video Decoders which were required for optimum video and audio playback. This meant that were the only sellers who’s devices were capable of playing 1080P video without any stuttering/buffering or framedrops. We had customers sending us their devices that they purchased elsewhere, for programming of our custom software. Another one of our advantages which contributed to our success, was providing Australian Power Supplies with our devices (not US or CHINA power supplies with wonky travel adapters like our competitors) to our customers, as well as 12 Months Australian Warranties on our entire range of Android TV Boxes. The Australian community loves to have Local support, and that’s what we built the business on. Our reputation grew as a trusted source of Android Media Gadgets, with real Australian Warranties.


In 2014, the business was soaring, and running the business out of home was no longer an option. At this stage, DroidWorld obtained its own warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria, which was a facility to cater for not only stocking products and devices, but also for software development. In 2014, DroidWorld opened its doors for international customers and sales, exporting devices around the world, to countries including USA, UK, CANADA, SINGAPORE & ISRAEL. In Mid-2014, the “DroidWorld Wizard” for Kodi/XBMC was developed. This software gave us a HUGE advantage over our competitors, by giving our customers OTA (over-the-air) updates directly to their devices, something which isn’t common to be included when buying an Android TV Box from the internet. Towards the end of 2014, the founder of DroidWorld made a big, yet important decision, and that was to quit his night-job, and focus all of his time and energy on DroidWorld (making it his full-time job and career).


In 2015, DroidWorld launched its website droidworld.com.au , aswell as its Facebook page “DroidWorld Streaming Box” (and Officially became known as “DroidWorld”). Prior to the launch of the website, people only knew us as the “Android Box seller on eBay”. In Mid-2015, we revamped the DroidWorld Wizard software, and began giving users MONTHLY OTA updates for their devices, custom skins and configurations, aswell as a new look for the website. At this stage, our main priority was to build the DroidWorld brand, more than 60% of our sales were from referrals and word of mouth. The problem here was, people referring their friends to a generic eBay search/store was not good for business growth. As the saying goes “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, we made a big decision and decided to stop selling our devices on eBay, cold turkey. This forced customers to find us directly. eBay was our only source of income, and, as you can imagine, it was a tough few months for things to pick up after closing our eBay doors. We fully closed one of two eBay accounts, and removed all of our devices from the main eBay account. We had over 2000 feedback ratings combined, between the two accounts (with about 35/40% of customers who did not leave feedback at all). This means we would have had in excess of 3000 eBay sales. As of 2016, the DroidWorld brand has grown, and our strategic move was a costly success. We do have plans to return to eBay and other online platforms such as Amazon in the near future. As of now, we are focusing on further development of our devices, our software, and customer satisfaction.


In 2016, so far, we have developed our own Android HomeScreen Launcher for our devices. This gives our customers an innovative and elegant way to use our devices, and to access their installed apps, in a user-friendly fashion. We are also in the works of developing our own Android App Market/Store. 2016 is also the year where we wish the infamous “DroidWorld Wizard” goodbye. We have discontinued the DroidWorld Kodi/XBMC updater software, but, this is no cause for concern. We promised our customers that they will always have third party add-on support & a lifetime of updates, and we have used extreme measures to ensure that we stick to that promise. DroidWorld has been known to provide customized KODI/XBMC builds and updates like no other. This made it difficult for us to find a solution through a third party, because we don’t want to lessen the quality of the updates for our users. The decision was made to pass over all of our files, software and resources, to a talented third party source, known as the SuperMax Wizard Team. All past and future DroidWorld customers will have access to the SuperMax Wizard, which will continue to provide monthly OTA updates for anyone who chooses to install their new software package. The SuperMax Wizard is a newer, revamped version of the DroidWorld Wizard, and you can continue to expect nothing short of amazing updates for your devices. Why we made this move? The SuperMax team has a dedicated forum for third party addon support, and a community area where people can chat, report issues, and make suggestions. The SuperMax team is dedicated to third party Add-on support and KODI/XBMC software updates. DroidWorld will shift its focus into other areas, and separate itself from third party add-ons completely. DroidWorld was never affiliated with Kodi/XBMC third party addons, the reason we made the DroidWorld Wizard initially was to help non-tech-savvy users who wanted to install third party addons, but didnt have the knowledge or expertise to do so. It is now in our best interest to shift our focus onto our devices hardware and software development, rather than third party addons.

All past, present, and future DroidWorld customers have the freedom to optionally install the SuperMax Wizard package onto their devices to receive custom KODI/XBMC packages and monthly updates which they have grown to love. Please note that DroidWorld is no longer affiliated with these third party addons or updates, and any questions support required should be directed directly to SuperMax. We suggest you join their Community Forum.