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Please see below a range of questions/issues which you can easily access the answers/instructions for 🙂

Air mouse cursor drifting or moving erratically

*Air Mouse cursor drifting to the left, or drifting up / down / right etc – or simply moving erratically

This can happen to any AIR MOUSE Remote controller – for reasons such as: you are using really low batteries, or you have dropped the remote control.

Many people have the false assumption that the remote is now faulty (and in some cases throw away the remote or buy a new one – but this is a mistake) – fixing it is easy 🙂

a) Ensure you have fully charged batteries inside the remote. If you are using old or nearly depleted batteries, the mouse cursor will not function properly. This is usually a sign that it’s time to change the batteries.
b) Re‐calibrate the air mouse: Re‐Calibrating the Air Mouse to fix ‘drifting’ is easy – however, every air mouse remote controller has different steps to perform this action. Below are the steps for re-calibrating the XMEDEX PRO Air Mouse as a general reference – if you would like the instructions for re-calibration for any other air mouse, please get in touch and we will provide them to you 🙂
Step 1) Have the receiver plugged into your device
Step 2) Press and HOLD the OK button along with the HOME button
Step 3) The remote will start blinking green really fast (at this stage, you should position the remote in the correct position.)
The error here is that most people will put the remote on a ‘flat surface’ for re‐calibration. However, when the remote is on a flat surface, it is slightly facing down.
So you should be standing up straight, with your remote in your hand, pointing towards a virtual screen (ensuring that the remote is pointing straight, and slightly up).
Step 4) The remote will have a static green light (not flashing) for about 5‐10 seconds. During this 5‐10 seconds, is the re‐calibration process. (this is the time when you need to stay still keeping the remote in the position from step 3). If you did not get it right, you can repeat the process.

My air mouse remote finishes the batteries in a few days (using significant battery power)

This post is referring to AIR MOUSE wireless remote controllers.

Let me assist in troubleshooting with you and providing you with some useful information;

It is a common issue with people that use ‘air mouses’. Air mouses will not drain the batteries in your remote when used correctly.

The battery drainage issue can occur for the following reason;

1) The air mouse is kept active overnight and/or when not in use. Let me help to explain this further;

When the Air Mouse is switched ON, it is sending the pointer signal to your box/tv. (picture this as someone pressing and holding a button on a remote continuously without taking their finger off). Many people turn their TV off after they finish using the box (or switch to normal TV etc) – but do not actually turn their TV Box off (this is not an issue, and you don’t need to turn your TV Box off – but if you do, it will cut off the signal to the USB ports, which means it will cut off the signal to your air mouse controller, so it will stop transmitting a signal/using battery power)

However, as stated above, you dont need to turn your box off> you just need to deactivate the air mouse at this stage. Every air mouse has a dedicated button on the controller which will turn the air mouse on and off. So when you stop using your device, just press the air mouse button to deactivate the air mouse, and this will preserve your batteries life.

All wireless controllers that we stock have a ‘sleep mode’ – this means that when the remote is not being used (even though your device is switched on) – the remote will stop transmitting a signal. Pressing any button on the remote control will re-activate the remote (but this ‘sleep mode’ will not work if your air mouse is activated).

I hope this helps in preserving your battery life 🙂

Why are Android boxes on eBay cheaper?

Why is DroidWorld more expensive than other Android TV Box Online Retailers?

In most cases buying tech products online from overseas (or Australian sellers shipping from overseas) can be a risky business. In some cases, even a nightmare! Especially when it comes to communication, problems, returns or Warranty issues. It is now common for many “Australian” websites or eBay accounts to pretend that they are in Australia, and pretend to ship from Australia, when infact they are actually in China or Hong Kong using expedited shipping services. It usually becomes known when the parcel takes 2 weeks or more to arrive. The issue here is that your Warranty (if any) will also be overseas, and you will be responsible for those expensive returns. We at DroidWorld do also appreciate a bargain, but when comparing our prices with others, you must take into consideration the high quality components used in our products, our software development, Australian taxes and GST, plus other costs which are not applicable to offshore sellers. To compensate for (if any) pricing differences, we provide our customers with an array of bonus benefits on our devices, which are not available elsewhere.

Do you trust an Overseas Warranty? Be Smart. Shop DroidWorld, your Local Entertainment Retailer.

Below we will list what we have seen directly, from cheaper variant devices, and these are the factors to consider before buying a Generic Android TV Box elsewhere:

  • Clone PCB Boards (the main board)

  • Cheaper WiFi modules with short range and bad connection

  • No heatsink on the CPU (no overheat prevention)

  • Cheaper components (we once saw an entire USB port come out with the USB stick!)

  • Versions with no Bluetooth

  • Versions with smaller RAM and smaller STORAGE

  • Bad firmware (software) on the device, making many Android functionalities not compatible with the unit

You can be 100% certain that when buying a DroidWorld branded product, that our products are manufactured to the highest quality. We don’t source cheaper variants or use methods to cut costs. Our products are as advertised, and usually come with custom firmware/software and optimized to give you a high quality Android TV Media Experience. A $20 saving, or a real Powerhouse of Entertainment? Your choice.

The remote control that came with this device is hard to use

The IR remotes that come standard with the DroidWorld media boxes are very basic and only designed for basic functions, such as; up, down, left, right, select. We stock a wide variety of wireless mini keyboards/remotes, air mouses etc to use with your DroidWorld Media Box. Feel free to visit our online store. We highly recommend the aftermarket controllers, as they are specifically designed for media content.

Internet Service Providers ADVICE & Recommendations NBN ADSL2+ Cable

Consider this page as a ‘Blog Post’ – we’re simply wanting to give you advice to help you have a trouble-free internet streaming experience.

From experience, both personal & through customers – we will be building this page with as much information as possible (check back frequently to read about any updates or new case studies).

*It is important to note that some people may experience really good service, while other people may experience really horrible service from the exact same ISP. This can be due to various factors, such as location, type of service, type of plan, distance from exchange etc. Your experience may differ than those listed below.

NBN Providers to AVOID:

  1. Belong

‘Belong’ is fairly new – and markets itself as “Simple, hassle free – powered by Telstra”.

With first hand experience, we will without a doubt tell you to avoid and beware signing up with this ISP.

Belong is actually a division of Telstra, which is their new start up company aimed to compete with other cheaper service providers. We were fooled by the ‘its owned by Telstra, it must be good’ thought.

Our first hand experience:

  1. Our speed test results (at and at ( were awesome. The results were 23mbps (on a 25mbps NBN plan) – however our internet was super slow. This triggered further investigation by our own IT professionals. We noticed that on ( – it automatically chooses the best ‘server’ to perform the speed test from. Ironically, it was choosing the Telstra server. We changed the server test, to test from an Optus server instead – our speed test result was dramatically different: 6mbps! 23mbps to 6mbps is not a small difference, this is HUGE. We decided to do further testing; we changed the server again to test our speed using a USA hosted server, the result > around 1mbps. We also downloaded a test file from an iiNet Australian server, the ETA download time for a 20mb file was HOURS. Something is clearly wrong , and restarting the internet modem was not helping or changing the results. After multiple talks to Belong staff, whom most could not understand the problem, one finally advised to reset the NBN box – this immediately solved the problem, however, this problem still occurs at random times – usually during the evening (but not to the extent that it did in the beginning – but there are noticeable differences with speed. Resetting the NBN box no longer makes a difference). We personally believe that this is purposely done – rather than ‘throttle’ the speed during the evening (which is common with companies like Optus cable due to congestion) – they appear to throttle outside connections, but keep Telstra connections working fast (which makes you as a user, misinformed, and cheated really). To the blind eye you would think your internet speed is amazing and fast, but in the real world, when browsing any website which is not hosted by Telstra , you are getting a different, slower speed.
  2. Customer service: we called the ’24/7′ customer service line a few times. Depending on the time of day, it can be hard for someone to answer. The people who answer the calls appear to be Australian, in Australia – the problem is that they are not very experienced or technical – this doesn’t help at all. Two of the representatives gave wrong information about what the amber/green lights on the NBN box mean. They appear to be ‘down to earth’ and are different from the typical customer service reps, from the likes of Optus – but this is only to comfort the user. When explaining the problem described above to one of the customer service representatives, his response was “So are you paying for Optus to give you fast speeds?”, and various other stupid replies. It was evident that he, and others from the Belong customer service team, are not experienced at all. A problem was solved when the representative finally transferred me to the Philippines call center (which he said was the ‘NBN team’) – who actually is technically experienced.
  3. We are very familiar with all the devices on our network, aswell as the speeds they receive on average using our Netgear router. Signing up to NBN, we received a ‘Sagemcom’ f@st branded modem (Sagemcom’ NBN modems are provided by many ISP’s such as Belong, Optus & Telstra for NBN) – so we plugged it into the new NBN box and off we go. Our RK3188 android dongle had full WiFi reception, but the speed was so slow (1.5mbps), while other devices on the network (such as laptops and phones) were getting approx 21mbps. This was really strange, so we tried to make some configuration changes, including; changing the WiFi channel, changing WiFi width 20 40, resetting the NBN box & resetting the router we gave up. The highest speed we got it too was 3.5mbps. It was impossible for there to be an ‘incompatibility’ issue as the android dongle uses the wireless N network which is fully compatible with the Sagemcom router, and this is what most devices in people’s homes use. After switching the router to a Netgear branded one, the speed literally went from approx 3mbps to 16mbps instantly. This is one example, of many, which we have seen &/or experienced when it comes to modems/routers.

To be continued…

Buffering & Internet speed issues – ADVICE

The internet modem/router that is provided by ISP’s (internet service providers) is always of low quality. They are not designed for streaming, rather to get you online with simple internet use such as web browsing. We always praise the NETGEAR brand, and have now decided to stock them ourselves. You can find them by clicking here.

Below are a few things to note:

  1. If you find that your internet tends to stop working and you frequently have to restart your internet modem/router > this is a sign of your internet modem/router not being able to keep up with the pressure of your home network. This can be due to various reasons, such as; the modem has low specs and locks up under load (similar to an old PC or laptop freezing when you do too many things at the same time), the modem is not designed for heavy use, the modem is faulty &/or more. In reality if a modem requires restarting its not fit for the job.
  2. If you find that your internet speeds are inconsistent and there are no faults with the line to your home, this is a sign that it may be time to update your modem/router.
  3. If you are not getting close to the advertised internet speeds that you are paying for, this can be due to your modem/router not having the best hardware to push those figures, especially on WiFi. The modem/router plays a huge role in terms of network performance and internet speed – you’ll be surprised.

Case Study:

We finally had NBN available in our area – so we made the switch. We are very familiar with all the devices on our network, aswell as the speeds they receive on average using our Netgear router. Signing up to NBN, we received a ‘Sagemcom’ f@st branded modem (Sagemcom’ NBN modems are provided by many ISP’s such as Belong, Optus & Telstra for NBN) – so we plugged it into the new NBN box and off we go. Our RK3188 android dongle had full WiFi reception, but the speed was so slow (1.5mbps), while other devices on the network (such as laptops and phones) were getting approx 21mbps. This was really strange, so we tried to make some configuration changes, including; changing the WiFi channel, changing WiFi width 20 40, resetting the NBN box & resetting the router we gave up. The highest speed we got it too was 3.5mbps. It was impossible for there to be an ‘incompatibility’ issue as the android dongle uses the wireless N network which is fully compatible with the Sagemcom router, and this is what most devices in people’s homes use. After switching the router to a Netgear branded one, the speed literally went from approx 3mbps to 16mbps instantly. This is one example, of many, which we have seen &/or experienced when it comes to modems/routers. This is not a marketing gimmick, you can purchase a quality router from the store of your choice – just don’t make the mistake of using the ISP provided one, if you wish to stream with ease.

I am experiencing a lot of buffering when streaming

Buffering can be caused for different reasons. We first want to mention this cool tip, that a lot of people don’t know about. With some streams, the system will purposely buffer before playing the video. This is so it can load up a few minutes of the video in advance before playing. This tactic is so that the system ensures that the video will never stop or disrupt your viewing experience. BUT you can bypass this feature. If you have a good internet connection, you don’t really need to utilize this feature, so when you click on a video and find it to buffer before playing, simply click the PLAY button on your remote control, by doing that, it will immediately stop buffering and play the video straight away. Most stock remotes that come with these boxes do have a play button, but some do not. If yours does not, you will need to purchase an aftermarket controller from our store (we recommend them either way as they have more features and will make your experience much more enjoyable). HOWEVER, if the video stops to buffer DURING PLAYBACK, then please read on: First step is to check the speed of your internet connection. You can do this by going to, we recommend aMINIMUM speed of more than 7mbps for SD streams, and atleast 12mbps for HD streams. If your speeds are below these recommended minimums, then you should expect buffering issues. The MINIMUM connection in Australia for streaming is ADSL2+ (NOT standard ADSL). We recommend switching Internet Service Providers if you have ADSL2+ but are getting low speeds (in our past experience with some customers, some of the cheaper ISP’s such as DoDo and BELONG had slower speeds than ISP’s such as iiNet). Alternatively you can upgrade your connection. For example, if you have ADSL2+, check if there is CABLE BROADBAND available in your area, if not, check if the NBN is available in your area. These are faster internet connections (some customers think “unlimited” means the best internet, but that’s not true at all. We also recommend using an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi if you have a weak internet connection, for a better experience. (if you choose to use Ethernet, then you need to go back to the Android settings, and DISABLE WiFi, then ENABLE Ethernet, otherwise even if you plug the ethernet cable to the box, the box will still use WiFi). Another reason some video streams may buffer is due to the host of the stream. (outside of your control). For example, some apps that search the web for streams will give you a list of ‘hosts’ to choose from, in different resoultions such as SD HD 720P 1080P. Some hosts are better than others, infact, some HD 720P hosts stream FASTER than SD hosts. If you see a host that says “GVIDEO”, then please choose it – this is the most reliable host. It is more of a trial and error to find out which hosts are the best and most reliable. If one is not working well, simply move on to the next host. If you have ADSL2+ then you should not be trying to stream anything higher than 720P – this will ensure you will have no buffering at all. If you continue to have issues, please restart your internet router/modem (this does wonders) and can make your internet run faster. Simply pull out the power cable for your internet router/modem, wait 1 minute, then plug it back in. Once you plug it back into the power, you will not have internet straight away – you need to wait a further 5 minutes before your internet is up and running again. So don’t try to stream anything until 5minutes later. Another reason why buffering can occur is due to your internet dropping out/unstable connection. This is very hard to notice to the blind eye, as normal web browsing, facebook etc will still work fine on all your devices, and YouTube will still work fine on all your devices (this will give you the assumption that your internet is fine but the box is not working). This issue can only be noticed if you are trying to stream from a third party source. One way to see this issue for yourself, is, if you go to, and do an internet speed test, you will see that your download speed will go up then down then up again, then down again (not one stable CONSISTENT speed), this indicates a connection/drop out issue with your internet. All you need to do is call your ISP, who can check and confirm if you have a drop out issue OVER THE PHONE (for free), and depending on who your ISP is, they usually fix it for free. There are 2 reasons for drop out issues, the most common is a faulty internet router/modem, and the second is a LINE issue. At DroidWorld, we have had our router replaced by Optus 3 times in the last 2 years, as it was deemed faulty on 3 separate occasions. On all 3 occasions Optus sent their tech and tested our Line and replaced our router for a brand new one absolutely free. Though smaller ISP’s may or may not replace it for free, you will need to check with them. We were having buffering issues on a 100mbps cable connection (which was resolved when we got the new router). It is best to buy your own NETGEAR branded router/modem. The internet modem/router which your Internet Service Provider gives you is NOT DESIGNED FOR STREAMING, and of low quality. Buying a proper modem/router will do wonders for you. We now stock our favourite NETGEAR models in our online store – feel free to check them out.

Please note, all of the above information regarding buffering is mainly referring to ON-DEMAND VIDEOS. If you are having buffering issues with LIVE TV CHANNELS, some of the above information will still be applicable. But, the other factor which comes into play for LIVE TV CHANNELS, is where the stream is hosted, for example, if an Arabic Channel is coming from a Middle Eastern server, then, sometimes even if you have a good internet connection speed, it can still buffer, depending on the quality of their server, how many people are watching at the same time etc. Though most channels appear to play well really well, especially the USA, UK, Greek and Turkish channels. But it is not uncommon for some channels from other countries to occasionally have a buffering issue.

My DroidWorld Box is on, but nothing is showing on the TV

Please ensure you have connected the HDMI cable in the device with the other end into the TV. You also need to check if you have selected the correct source for the HDMI input on your TV. (ie; put the correct channel on your TV HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 etc). If you are still experiencing difficulties, please try to use a different HDMI cable, as your HDMI cable may be faulty. If still no picture, Please test the device on a different TV or computer monitor to see if the same issue is occurring there. Finally, contact our support team for further troubleshooting assistance.

Installing Country pack greek italian turkish vietnamese etc

If you are using the supermax wizard and wish to install a ‘country option pack’ such as greek, italian, vietnamese, turkish, australian etc please refer to the below:

After you install the main package from the supermax wizard, please wait a few minutes while it does all the automatic addon updates.

Once its done, you will notice that the menu options have changed.

Click on the new ‘update’ menu, you will then get a new screen pop up saying ‘welcome to the supermax wizard’.

Click on ‘country layouts’ (the button directly next to “install package”), then highlight ‘greek option pack’ (example), then press the red install button.

It will ask you to reboot the device once it completes the installation. The next time you launch the media center, you need to wait a minute or so. You will see some small yellow text on your screen which says something along the lines of “building menu” or “writing menu” or “building shortcuts”.

There will be a percentage mark next to it, once it reaches 100%, the page will ‘refresh’, and the new greek menu will appear.

Inside the new greek menu , you will find ‘supermax greek’ as the first option, which is the app that provides all the live working greek channels, aswell as other dedicated greek content for easy access. This is the same procedure for installing any other country pack. Country packs in the supermax wizard will add a new menu selection with that countries specific content.

Videos not playing in full screen, top left or top right corner

When you open any video or stream, if the picture is not being played in full screen or is only playing in the top left or top right corner of the screen, please read the below:

To fix this, you need to make an adjustment in the android settings. Generally the boxes will be set to ‘auto detect’ the HDMI resolution of your TV – but sometimes the selection may be incorrect and will cause this issue.

In order to rectify the issue, you need to go to the android homescreen (outside of the media center). Then open the android settings. Inside the android settings, there is a ‘display’ option. Different model boxes may have different ways of reaching the ‘display’ option, but generally it is easy to find.

Once you are inside the ‘display’ menu, you will find something along the lines of ‘HDMI Auto detect’ enabled. Please DISABLE this option. Once disabled, one of the options below will allow you to manually select a resolution. If it is currently set to 720P60hz, please change it to 720P50hz. If it does not give you an option for 720P50hz, but gives you an option for 1080P60hz, please set it to that. This will instantly resolve the problem.

Once you make the change, please go ahead and try to open any video or stream to confirm that the issue has been resolved

Advice on which Box I should purchase

What is the difference between all the boxes ?

The difference is mainly in brands, hardware, performance & some features.

If you are simply wanting a box for streaming, there will be no difference in streaming options between the various models. All the devices can/will provide the same streaming content through the same media center applications – this includes streaming movies, shows, live tv, international content, music etc. If this is the case, you should choose a device based on your personal preference and budget 🙂

If you have Apple devices at home and wish to have the ability to “AirPlay” or “Mirror” your apple devices to your TV (such as iPhones and Macbooks) – then you should choose one of the XMEDEX or MINIX branded devices as they come with native support for such functionalities.

If you have interest in downloading/installing lots of Games onto the device, then you should choose a device with a higher amount of storage to cater for this.

If you are looking for ‘top end’ hardware with high performing processors, then you should choose one of the XMEDEX or MINIX branded devices. These devices usually have some extra features, such as AirPlay support. The XMEDEX range of devices also have the ability to be controlled by your mobile phone. There is a downloadable app for any Android or iPhone device, once installed on your phone, you can then use your phone as a wireless ‘air mouse’, touch pad, keyboard & wireless remote for the XMEDEX devices.

If you are looking for a low cost device which will be a perfect ‘all rounder’ without lack in performance (we don’t stock any slow or poorly manufactured boxes) – then you can choose one of the TRONSMART, Beelink or DROIDWORLD range of devices. They can provide you with a premium experience without a premium price tag. (there may be other models/brands not listed here which will be in the DROIDWORLD store shortly > and they will also fit into this category).

All of our boxes are Android based (they use the same Android operating system like Samsung phones etc). If you prefer the Windows operating system (like a PC, laptop etc) > we also currently stock 2 models that use Windows. They are the “MINIX Z64 Windows” and the “Wintel W8”. So keep that in mind too 🙂

Getting ‘No Signal’ on TV blank screen

If your device is powered ON, and you can see an LED light on the box which confirms that your device is powered up, but you are getting ‘no signal’ on your TV – please read on.

However, if you cannot see an LED light on the box, this could indicate no power being delivered to the device – you may need to physically press the ON button on the tv box itself (not on the remote), to initiate the start up process. (this is generally the case with MINIX boxes).

Starting the troubleshooting process:

The first thing to check is the HDMI connection. Ensure that both ends of the HDMI are plugged in all the way into your tv box, with the other end into your TV. Sometimes you may need to apply some pressure for the HDMI cable to securely enter the port (there are cases where the HDMI cable appears to be plugged in, but need a little push to fully connect).

You will now need to confirm that you have selected the correct HDMI Source on your TV. Your TV will generally have more than 1 HDMI channel, so if you are not sure which HDMI port you have plugged the box into, you can flick through all the HDMI channels to check if the screen is active on one of them. If your tv box has been sitting idle for a while, it may be in ‘sleep mode’. Try pressing on any button on the remote to wake it up.

Another reason this can occur is if a user accidentally changes the screen resolution to something which is not compatible with your TV. For example, if the android settings had HDMI set to ‘auto detect’, but then you changed it to ‘example resolution’, and your TV doesn’t support ‘example resolution’ , you will be faced with a ‘no signal’.

The way to get it to work again, is to plug it into a computer monitor (generally better than plugging it into a TV), and then changing the screen resolution back to ‘auto detect’ or back to a compatible resolution for your TV. Feel free to try it on another TV if you do not have a computer monitor on hand.

A common error is that people may change the resolution to 4K with a 4K compatible box, and if your TV is not a 4K TV, this will cause the above issue.

If your TV is infact 4K compatible, then please note the following: 99% of 4K TV’s only have ONE 4K compatible HDMI port. This is usually HDMI port number 1.

For example, your new 4K TV may have 4 HDMI ports labelled HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3 & HDMI 4. But 3 out of the 4 HDMI ports are generally NOT 4K compatible. You can refer to your TV’s user manual to confirm. Please switch the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your TV which is 4K compatible, and this should resolve your issue.

If all fails, please unplug the HDMI cable, and instead, use the AV cables (not supplied with all tv boxes). This cable has 1 black 3.5mm connection on one end, and 3 RED YELLOW WHITE RCA cables on the other end. The black 3.5mm connection plugs into the port which is usually labelled as “AV” on tv boxes. While the red yellow white cables plug into the back of your TV. You then need to change the channel on your TV to the AV source. The screen should appear, and then you can factory reset the box via the android settings. Once the reset is complete, you can use the HDMI cable again.

Hellenic TV no stream available Greek channels not working

Hellenic TV is dead – full stop. The only kodi app which can provide you with all the Greek channels is SuperMax Greek TV. It has all the Live Greek channels including ANT, Alpha, MEGA, MEGA ONE, MEGA COSMOS, EPT 1, EPT 2, EPT 3, Star, SKAI, Sigma, RIK SAT & many more. There is around 100 Greek channels available for live streaming.

You must use the SuperMax Greek Kodi addon in order to watch live greek tv in Kodi.

In order to get the SuperMax Greek addon, you need to use the ‘SuperMax Wizard’. After you install the addons package from the Wizard, you then need to click on the new ‘update’ menu inside of Kodi. When you click on it, it will launch the supermax wizard directly. Now instead of clicking ‘install package’, click on ‘country layouts’ instead, then select ‘Greek option pack’, then press install.

This will install a new Greek menu onto your Kodi main menu screen, this will provide you with easy access to all the latest Greek content, including greek live channels, greek series, greek movies & greek radio.

Also note that Greek series and movies are now available and working (not using Hellenic TV) – you must install the latest supermax package for them to work again.

IR Learning instructions for XMEDEX PRO Air mouse Remote

Infrared Learning Function

The buttons on the front of the remote can be programmed with an IR signal. Ie; you can make the red power button turn on your TV, and the volume keys turn the volume up/down on your TV etc. This allows you to use 1 remote for all your needs.

Please follow the below instructions to get started:

1)     ‘Short press’ the TV Button, so the controller switches to Infrared mode

2)     ‘Long press’ the TV Button for 3 seconds, the LED will blink red, then release the TV Button. The LED will stay red, which indicates ‘learning mode’ active.

3)     Place your IR TV Remote and the XMEDEX remote head to head, with a 2cm gap, then press on the desired button you would like to program (on the XMEDEX Remote) control. It will then blink red. Now press the button on your IR TV Remote which you would like it to learn. The XMEDEX Remote will now stay red, which indicates it has taken the signal.

4)     Press the ‘TV’ button on the XMEDEX Remote for 3 seconds, the Remote will start blinking quickly. This indicates that the learning was successful! Now go ahead and try it out! To switch back to wireless mode, just click the ‘TV’ button. Remember, Red coloured blinks on the remote indicate you are in Infrared mode, whilst Green coloured blinks on the remote indicate you are in wireless mode.

If you need further assistance with this – please contact the friendly team at XMEDEX by visiting their website. They can supply you with a PDF instruction guide.

Trouble upgrading xmedex xtreme firmware to Android Lollipop

If you have a first generation xmedex xtreme or xmedex xtreme plus – you really need to upgrade your firmware from Android KitKat 4.4.4 to Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

To upgrade the firmware on your XMEDEX XTREME or XMEDEX XTREME Plus device, you will need to follow some step by step instructions. It is very important to follow them correctly, otherwise it wont work 🙂

First off, you can see what’s new in the latest firmware and the benefits you will gain from upgrading by visiting this page:

The step by step instructions which show you how to upgrade the xmedex firmware are located here:

If you find this process too difficult, time consuming or are unable to complete the upgrade by yourself, we can service your device for you. You just need to purchase this service package:

In the order notes, please write ‘upgrade xmedex firmware and media center’ – we will then give you our return address where you can  post your device too (we just need the device, without any cables etc). We will upgrade the firmware for you and return the device to you promptly.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance or get stuck in the upgrade process – we’re here to help 🙂

I lost XMedia Center and all Kodi apps

If you have accidentally wiped your device or have lost the Kodi XMedia Center, you don’t need to worry.

To install the new version of the media center, you simply have to open the internet browser on your box. Once you open the internet browser, you will need to type the applicable link in the top address bar (please note, you need to type the link in the HTTP:// ADDRESS BAR – NOT in the google search bar!).

Please type the link which is for your box (VERY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE CORRECT ONE OTHERWISE WILL BE VERY BUGGY AND CRASH) – if you need help choosing the correct one, just let us know!

If you have an XMEDEX XTREME or XMEDEX XTREME PLUS, please type the following URL in the top address bar in the internet browser:

If you have an INTEL Z64 minix, please type the following URL in the top address bar in the internet browser:

FOR ALL OTHER DEVICES (ie; minix neo x8h plus, minix u1, tronsmart, m8s, mx3, droidworld qtv etc), please type the following URL in the top address bar in the internet browser:

Once you hit OK, it will automatically start the download in the background. Once the download is finished, go to the ‘all apps’ or ‘my apps’ section of your device. Inside there, there is a ‘download’ icon. Open that folder, and inside you will find the downloaded file.
Simply click on it, then click ‘install’.

If the new app wont install from the ‘download’ icon, then you need to install the app through the ‘file manager’, not through the ‘download’ icon. So please go In the ‘my apps’ section of the box, click on ‘file manager’ (sometimes called ‘explorer’ ‘file browser’ etc), then click on ‘local’ or ‘internal’ (the first folder that appears), then scroll down and click ‘downloads’, and inside here just click on the file to install

Once you open the new media center, click on programs > program addons > supermax wizard > insert username password > install package

If you need assistance with the third party supermax wizard software package, please visit the official forum where they can assist you

Unable to Log in Supermax Wizard

If you insert your username and password when prompted into the supermax wizard, and you see a ‘logging in…’ pop up 3 times but nothing happens (or if you press on supermax wizard but nothing happens) – this means you would have entered an incorrect username or password.

In order to rectify the issue, you need to highlight the supermax wizard, then click the letter C on your keyboard, OR the MENU button on your remote (usually 3 horizontal lines ontop of each other).
Once you do that, there will be a small pop up menu appear.
Then click ‘addon settings’, now you can see your username and password on the screen. You will find the mistake in one of them (case sensitive). So edit them and make sure they’re correct. Once you correct the mistake, then press ‘done’ at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

Now you must turn your box off and back on from the power (for advanced users you can ‘kill’ kodi then launch it again). The next time you open supermax it will log in successfully.

If you are not sure what your username and password is, please check your email. You can search your email for ‘supermax’ to bring up all the results. Please note that if you registered at the supermax wizard forum, you would have also received a username/password for the forum. The FORUM username/password is NOT the same and is NOT related to the WIZARD. They are totally separate. You can contact the supermax wizard team via the forum if you need assistance with your username and password.

Unable to use Skype on MINIX

I have pulled up some data from MINIX regarding this issue which appears to be affecting many users. (When you attempt to connect with your peer, the Skype app will crash).

What you will need to do is uninstall the pre-installed Skype app on your MINIX.

To uninstall skype, click on the ‘settings’ icon on the MINIX home screen. Then press the right arrow key until you reach the ‘other/advanced’ tab (the very last tab). Now you need to click on ‘more settings’. Scroll down and click on ‘apps’, and you should see Skype in the list of apps. Click on it, then click uninstall.

The solution is to install fresh, the latest version of Skype from the google play store.

So go back to the MINIX home screen, then click on ‘apps’, and you will find “Play Store”. This is the App store for android. In order to access the store, you need to simply sign in using any GMAIL email address (if you dont have one you can create one when prompted). After you sign in, search for Skype, click and install – this should resolve the issue.

Please note that MINIX recommends the use of Logitech C Series webcams: ie; C170 or C210 (this does not mean other webcams won’t work, but these ones have been tested and marked as fully compatible).