PC HDD Data Recovery

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Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service
Has your hard drive stopped working? Is it no longer being detected or recognised by your computer?

Don’t panic – we can assist you in retrieving your data from the faulty HDD.

There are different levels of HDD failure:

STAGE 1: the HDD has no hardware problems or file system damage

STAGE 2: the HDD is healthy but has a corrupt partition 

STAGE 3: the HDD has bad sectors & read errors

STAGE 4: the HDD has deleted files or has been formatted (if you haven’t added new files to the HDD yet, then it is possible to recover data that hasn’t been overwritten yet)

STAGE 5: Damaged heads or spindle motor (internal mechanical damage): You will know if your HDD is STAGE 5 because it will make a sound when plugged in to the PC (you will hear a clicking or ticking noise as the HDD spins from inside. It sounds like something from inside is hitting each other).

We cater only for STAGES 1 to 4.

We do not cater for STAGE 5. So if your HDD is making a clicking or ticking mechanical noise, please do not purchase this package.

We currently charge a flat rate fee of only $120 for recovery & attempted repair.

Our main priority is to recover your data > then we attempt to repair your HDD > then we return your data onto your HDD

In most cases the HDD is repairable – however, in a case where your HDD is non-repairable, we will have to return your data via an alternative method (such as you supplying us with a new HDD to return your data onto it. Or we can supply you with a brand new HDD of your choice of brand/size, along with your recovered data).

If we are unsuccessful at recovering your data, you will have $100 returned, and you will only have paid $20 for our attempt at recovery (it’s a long process).


The cost of data recovery usually ranges from $250 all the way up to $1800 & more!

Here at DroidWorld we have the right team and tools, to assist the community in need, without charging a hefty price.


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