Watch GREEK TV Channels in Australia

DroidWorld is Australia’s leading supplier of cost-effective Greek TV Streaming boxes in Australia.

(our boxes will work worldwide and are exported to the world).

In this day and age, using satellite dishes for TV is no longer required. All you need is a broadband internet connection, and you will have access to an enormous amount of content and channels.

It’s becoming more difficult for people to watch channels from their native countries (ie; Greece) and rather expensive signing up to paid services (such as EllasTV or ZaapTV Greek Channels) which can cost you over $60 a month! Outrageous right?!

Especially for pensioners and older people who can’t afford to pay a hefty monthly fee to simply watch Greek channels or Greek IPTV in Australia.

This is why many have turned to the DroidWorld Streaming Box to take care of their Greek TV Streaming requirements. Watch Greek TV Channels with no monthly fees.


NO Subscriptions and NO Fees!


* Over 60 Live Greek Channels

* Greek Radio

* Greek TV Shows

* Greek Movies

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Watch this Video to see what Greek IPTV Channels you can watch on any DROIDWORLD Streaming Box

We have boxes to suit your budget. Whether you want a super fast, top of the range box with a dual band WiFi chip. Or whether you simply want a box that will do the job at the cheapest price. We cater for all of our customers needs. You can access the Greek content on any box you choose from us.

DROIDWORLD’s Custom Greek Home Menu Layout

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