What is the difference between all the boxes ?

The difference is mainly in brands, hardware, performance & some features.

If you are simply wanting a box for streaming, there will be no difference in streaming options between the various models. All the devices can/will provide the same streaming content through the same media center applications – this includes streaming movies, shows, live tv, international content, music etc. If this is the case, you should choose a device based on your personal preference and budget 🙂

If you have Apple devices at home and wish to have the ability to “AirPlay” or “Mirror” your apple devices to your TV (such as iPhones and Macbooks) – then you should choose one of the XMEDEX or MINIX branded devices as they come with native support for such functionalities.

If you have interest in downloading/installing lots of Games onto the device, then you should choose a device with a higher amount of storage to cater for this.

If you are looking for ‘top end’ hardware with high performing processors, then you should choose one of the XMEDEX or MINIX branded devices. These devices usually have some extra features, such as AirPlay support. The XMEDEX range of devices also have the ability to be controlled by your mobile phone. There is a downloadable app for any Android or iPhone device, once installed on your phone, you can then use your phone as a wireless ‘air mouse’, touch pad, keyboard & wireless remote for the XMEDEX devices.

If you are looking for a low cost device which will be a perfect ‘all rounder’ without lack in performance (we don’t stock any slow or poorly manufactured boxes) – then you can choose one of the TRONSMART, Beelink or DROIDWORLD range of devices. They can provide you with a premium experience without a premium price tag. (there may be other models/brands not listed here which will be in the DROIDWORLD store shortly > and they will also fit into this category).

All of our boxes are Android based (they use the same Android operating system like Samsung phones etc). If you prefer the Windows operating system (like a PC, laptop etc) > we also currently stock 2 models that use Windows. They are the “MINIX Z64 Windows” and the “Wintel W8”. So keep that in mind too 🙂