Here is a reference guide for our UK customers, incase you are signed up with any of the below ISP’s.

There are some ISP’s in the UK which have automatically enabled “network parental control” or similar services on your internet connection. These services control what you can view on the internet. These services are OPTIONAL (but enabled by default). This control system may affect your experience with our device. You can remove this restriction by following the below instructions.


  1. Virgin: internet virus safe If you have Virgin internet you will need to disable your virus Safe from your My Virgin Account or you will be limited to what you can view  This is the link:
  2. BT: parental control If you are going to use this device over Wi-Fi then you need to disable your BT parental control or you’re going to be limited as to what you can view. This is the link:
  3. Sky: Sky Shield If you have Sky you will need to disable your Sky Shield. This is the link: