DROIDWORLD’s credit card payment processing provider is Stripe, a global leader in payment processing technology.

This page is to make payments for custom orders or items which are not listed on the DROIDWORLD site.


For example:

  • a custom purchase order

  • fulfilling an eBay purchase using the DROIDWORLD Payment Gateway

  • custom sourced items for general customers or wholesale clients

  • payment for other items or services


To make a payment to DROIDWORLD, please enter the amount in AUD (Australian Dollars) in the field belowand then press on the blue “Make a payment to DROIDWORLD” button (this will open the Payment Portal)

Please Enter the Payment Amount below BEFORE clicking on the Payment Button:

[direct-stripe type=”donation” name=”DROIDWORLD” description=”Processed securely by © Stripe.” label=”Make a Payment to DROIDWORLD” panellabel=”Pay”]