My DroidWorld Streaming Box is on, but nothing is showing on the TV?
Please ensure you have connected the HDMI cable in the device with the other end into the TV. You also need to check if you have selected the correct source for the HDMI input on your TV. (ie; put the correct channel on your TV HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 etc). If you are still experiencing difficulties, please try to use a different HDMI cable, as your HDMI cable may be faulty. If still no picture, Please test the device on a different TV or computer monitor to see if the same issue is occurring there. Finally, contact our support team.

I am experiencing a lot of buffering when streaming.
Buffering can be caused for different reasons. We first want to mention this cool tip, that a lot of people don’t know about. With some streams, the system will purposely buffer before playing the video. This is so it can load up a few minutes of the video in advance before playing. This tactic is so that the system ensures that the video will never stop or disrupt your viewing experience. BUT you can bypass this feature. If you have a good internet connection, you don’t really need to utilize this feature, so when you click on a video and find it to buffer before playing, simply click the PLAY button on your remote control, by doing that, it will immediately stop buffering and play the video straight away. Most stock remotes that come with these boxes do have a play button, but some do not. If yours does not, you will need to purchase an aftermarket controller from our store (we recommend them either way as they have more features and will make your experience much more enjoyable). HOWEVER, if the video stops to buffer DURING PLAYBACK, then please read on: First step is to check the speed of your internet connection. You can do this by going to www.speedtest.net, we recommend a MINIMUM speed of more than 7mbps for SD streams, and atleast 12mbps for HD streams. If your speeds are below these recommended minimums, then you should expect buffering issues. The MINIMUM connection in Australia for streaming is ADSL2+ (NOT standard ADSL). We recommend switching Internet Service Providers if you have ADSL2+ but are getting low speeds (in our past experience with some customers, some of the cheaper ISP’s such as DoDo had slower speeds than ISP’s such as iiNet). Alternatively you can upgrade your connection. For example, if you have ADSL2+, check if there is CABLE BROADBAND available in your area, if not, check if the NBN is available in your area. These are faster internet connections (some customers think “unlimited” means the best internet, but that’s not true at all. We also recommend using an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi if you have a weak internet connection, for a better experience. (if you choose to use Ethernet, then you need to go back to the Android settings, and DISABLE WiFi, then ENABLE Ethernet, otherwise even if you plug the ethernet cable to the box, the box will still use WiFi). Another reason some video streams may buffer is due to the host of the stream. (outside of your control). For example, some apps that search the web for streams will give you a list of ‘hosts’ to choose from, in different resoultions such as SD HD 720P 1080P. Some hosts are better than others, infact, some HD 720P hosts stream FASTER than SD hosts. If you see a host that says “GVIDEO”, then please choose it – this is the most reliable host. It is more of a trial and error to find out which hosts are the best and most reliable. If one is not working well, simply move on to the next host. If you have ADSL2+ then you should not be trying to stream anything higher than 720P – this will ensure you will have no buffering at all. If you continue to have issues, please restart your internet router/modem (this does wonders) and can make your internet run faster. Simply pull out the power cable for your internet router/modem, wait 1 minute, then plug it back in. Once you plug it back into the power, you will not have internet straight away – you need to wait a further 5 minutes before your internet is up and running again. So don’t try to stream anything until 5minutes later. Another reason why buffering can occur is due to your internet dropping out/unstable connection. This is very hard to notice to the blind eye, as normal web browsing, facebook etc will still work fine on all your devices, and YouTube will still work fine on all your devices (this will give you the assumption that your internet is fine but the box is not working). This issue can only be noticed if you are trying to stream from a third party source. One way to see this issue for yourself, is, if you go to www.speedtest.net, and do an internet speed test, you will see that your download speed will go up then down then up again, then down again (not one stable CONSISTENT speed), this indicates a connection/drop out issue with your internet. All you need to do is call your ISP, who can check and confirm if you have a drop out issue OVER THE PHONE (for free), and depending on who your ISP is, they usually fix it for free. There are 2 reasons for drop out issues, the most common is a faulty internet router/modem, and the second is a LINE issue. At DroidWorld, we have had our router replaced by Optus 3 times in the last 2 years, as it was deemed faulty on 3 separate occasions. On all 3 occasions Optus sent their tech and tested our Line and replaced our router for a brand new one absolutely free. Though smaller ISP’s may or may not replace it for free, you will need to check with them. We were having buffering issues on a 100mbps cable connection (which was resolved when we got the new router). Please note, all of the above information regarding buffering is mainly referring to ON-DEMAND VIDEOS. If you are having buffering issues with LIVE TV CHANNELS, some of the above information will still be applicable. But, the other factor which comes into play for LIVE TV CHANNELS, is where the stream is hosted, for example, if an Arabic Channel is coming from a Middle Eastern server, then, sometimes even if you have a good internet connection speed, it can still buffer, depending on the quality of their server, how many people are watching at the same time etc. Though most channels appear to play well really well, especially the USA, UK, Greek and Turkish channels. But it is not uncommon for some channels from other countries to occasionally have a buffering issue.

How can I clear my Cache?
Sometimes clearing your Cache may speed up your XBMC and may also fix buffering issues. You can do this by going to programs> open ‘maintenance tool’ > click on ‘general maintenance’, then click on ‘clear cache’.

The remote control that came with this device is hard to use with the DroidWorld Streaming Box
The IR remotes that come standard with the DroidWorld media boxes are very basic and only designed for basic functions, such as; up, down, left, right, select. We stock a wide variety of wireless mini keyboards/remotes, air mouses etc to use with your DroidWorld Media Box. Feel free to visit our online store. We highly recommend the aftermarket controllers, as they are specifically designed for media content.

How to fix/adjust Audio SYNC with Video (If audio is a little bit off, too fast, or slower than the video)?
CLICK HERE to watch our YouTube video, which shows you exactly how to do this if ever required.


I Received a Notification advising me that there is a new update available for my device. How do I update?
CLICK HERE for instructions

Why is DroidWorld more expensive than other Android TV Box Online Retailers?

In most cases buying tech products online from overseas (or Australian sellers shipping from overseas) can be a risky business. In some cases, even a nightmare! Especially when it comes to communication, problems, returns or Warranty issues. It is now common for many “Australian” websites or eBay accounts to pretend that they are in Australia, and pretend to ship from Australia, when infact they are actually in China or Hong Kong using expedited shipping services. It usually becomes known when the parcel takes 2 weeks or more to arrive. The issue here is that your Warranty (if any) will also be overseas, and you will be responsible for those expensive returns. We at DroidWorld do also appreciate a bargain, but when comparing our prices with others, you must take into consideration the high quality components used in our products, our software development, Australian taxes and GST, plus other costs which are not applicable to offshore sellers. To compensate for (if any) pricing differences, we provide our customers with an array of bonus benefits on our devices, which are not available elsewhere.

Do you trust an Overseas Warranty? Be Smart. Shop DroidWorld, your Local Entertainment Retailer.

Below we will list what we have seen directly, from cheaper variant devices, and these are the factors to consider before buying a Generic Android TV Box elsewhere:

  • Clone PCB Boards (the main board)

  • Cheaper WiFi modules with short range and bad connection

  • No heatsink on the CPU (no overheat prevention)

  • Cheaper components (we once saw an entire USB port come out with the USB stick!)

  • Versions with no Bluetooth

  • Versions with smaller RAM and smaller STORAGE

  • Bad firmware (software) on the device, making many Android functionalities not compatible with the unit

You can be 100% certain that when buying a DroidWorld branded product, that our products are manufactured to the highest quality. We don’t source cheaper variants or use methods to cut costs. Our products are as advertised, and usually come with custom firmware/software and optimized to give you a high quality Android TV Media Experience. A $20 saving, or a real Powerhouse of Entertainment? Your choice.