Why is DroidWorld more expensive than other Android TV Box Online Retailers?

In most cases buying tech products online from overseas (or Australian sellers shipping from overseas) can be a risky business. In some cases, even a nightmare! Especially when it comes to communication, problems, returns or Warranty issues. It is now common for many “Australian” websites or eBay accounts to pretend that they are in Australia, and pretend to ship from Australia, when infact they are actually in China or Hong Kong using expedited shipping services. It usually becomes known when the parcel takes 2 weeks or more to arrive. The issue here is that your Warranty (if any) will also be overseas, and you will be responsible for those expensive returns. We at DroidWorld do also appreciate a bargain, but when comparing our prices with others, you must take into consideration the high quality components used in our products, our software development, Australian taxes and GST, plus other costs which are not applicable to offshore sellers. To compensate for (if any) pricing differences, we provide our customers with an array of bonus benefits on our devices, which are not available elsewhere.

Do you trust an Overseas Warranty? Be Smart. Shop DroidWorld, your Local Entertainment Retailer.

Below we will list what we have seen directly, from cheaper variant devices, and these are the factors to consider before buying a Generic Android TV Box elsewhere:

  • Clone PCB Boards (the main board)

  • Cheaper WiFi modules with short range and bad connection

  • No heatsink on the CPU (no overheat prevention)

  • Cheaper components (we once saw an entire USB port come out with the USB stick!)

  • Versions with no Bluetooth

  • Versions with smaller RAM and smaller STORAGE

  • Bad firmware (software) on the device, making many Android functionalities not compatible with the unit

You can be 100% certain that when buying a DroidWorld branded product, that our products are manufactured to the highest quality. We don’t source cheaper variants or use methods to cut costs. Our products are as advertised, and usually come with custom firmware/software and optimized to give you a high quality Android TV Media Experience. A $20 saving, or a real Powerhouse of Entertainment? Your choice.