When you open any video or stream, if the picture is not being played in full screen or is only playing in the top left or top right corner of the screen, please read the below:

To fix this, you need to make an adjustment in the android settings of your box. Generally the android boxes will be set to ‘auto detect’ the HDMI resolution of your TV – but sometimes the selection may be incorrect and will cause this issue (mainly on android tv boxes which are using the AMlogic chipset, such as S805, S812, S905 etc) – it’s actually a software bug in KODI.

In order to rectify the issue, you need to go to the android homescreen (outside of the media center). Then open the android settings. Inside the android settings, there is a ‘display’ option. Different model boxes may have different ways of reaching the ‘display’ option, but generally it is easy to find. On some boxes you need to go to the “all apps” section, and then find and click on “SettingsMBOX” (the “display” settings are here).

Once you are inside the ‘display’ menu, you will find something along the lines of ‘HDMI Auto detect’ enabled. Please DISABLE this option. Once disabled, one of the options below will allow you to manually select a resolution (usually called “HDMI Output Mode”). If it is currently set to 720P60hz, please change it to 720P50hz. If it does not give you an option for 720P50hz, but gives you an option for 1080P60hz, please set it to that. This will instantly resolve the problem.

Once you make the change, please go ahead and try to open any video or stream to confirm that the issue has been resolved.


For people who are using Kodi on WINDOWS PC and have the issue of Kodi not being fullscreen, then the fix for you is different. What you need to do is press either the “/” key or “\” key on your keyboard, and this will instantly make Kodi full screen and fix the issue.