I have pulled up some data from MINIX regarding this issue which appears to be affecting many users. (When you attempt to connect with your peer, the Skype app will crash).

What you will need to do is uninstall the pre-installed Skype app on your MINIX.

To uninstall skype, click on the ‘settings’ icon on the MINIX home screen. Then press the right arrow key until you reach the ‘other/advanced’ tab (the very last tab). Now you need to click on ‘more settings’. Scroll down and click on ‘apps’, and you should see Skype in the list of apps. Click on it, then click uninstall.

The solution is to install fresh, the latest version of Skype from the google play store.

So go back to the MINIX home screen, then click on ‘apps’, and you will find “Play Store”. This is the App store for android. In order to access the store, you need to simply sign in using any GMAIL email address (if you dont have one you can create one when prompted). After you sign in, search for Skype, click and install – this should resolve the issue.

Please note that MINIX recommends the use of Logitech C Series webcams: ie; C170 or C210 (this does not mean other webcams won’t work, but these ones have been tested and marked as fully compatible).