So you’ve just upgraded to NBN, but you are experiencing a lot of buffering/cache when trying to stream..

Please take note of the below:

It is a common mistake that people assume ‘NBN’ is a fast internet connection > there are some things you may not be aware of;

* NBN usually has 3 tiers;

a) up to 10mbps download speed

b) up to 25mbps download speed

c) up to 100mbps download speed

Your ISP may have not told you, that your plan price was for the slowest package (which in some cases, is even slower than ADSL2+)

In the warehouse we are getting 17mbps on ADSL2+ , which means our ADSL2+ is faster than a lot of peoples NBN internet connection.

Under 10mbps internet download speed is not really efficient for streaming. You’ll want to be on the 25mbps NBN plan > which is perfect for streaming

You will usually need to pay an extra $10 or $20 /month to upgrade the speed with your ISP

(2) The other reason why streams can buffer/cache > is based on the source/host of the stream. Some hosts/sources are better than others > so it’s really a trial/error of finding which ones to choose. For example, Openload is a fast host, but requires you to PAIR before unlocking the stream in some addons. Some people skip openload links for this reason, and end up trying to stream from a slower host which doesn’t need pairing.

You can see this page for more info about the ‘pairing’ message:

(3) In other cases, such as Live TV > it also depends on the location of where the stream is being broadcasted. For example, if a stream is being broadcasted from Germany, the ping from Australia to Germany can be 350ms (we won’t explain ping, as that’s too technical) > but if the server host is a good quality / fast server > then ping won’t matter and the stream won’t buffer.

Since the SuperMax package uses official streaming links for Live TV > buffering on Live TV is very, very rare.

If you have installed other addons manually > this can be a different story

(4) The quality of your internet connection, aswell as your internet modem/router. This plays a huge factor.

If you have a 100mbps download speed, but your modem/router is not so great (causing constant un-noticeable dropouts) > you will indeed struggle to stream anything smoothly.

If you have a 12mbps download speed, but you are using a good quality NETGEAR modem/router > you will have a better experience than the person with 100mbps download speed.

For ADSL2+ internet connections, we recommend iiNet (if their service is not available in your area, they will offer you “off-net” plans, which use Telstra lines). We have seen many customers with DoDo experiencing problems including slower than usual internet speed > but the main problem being constant drop outs. Please choose your ISP wisely, and do some research before choosing a plan.

This is a great ADSL2+ modem/router (compatible with NBN) which we recommend, the NETGEAR 600Mbps Dual Band / Gigabit Modem Router.

Avoid cheaper Ethernet Cables also, as many sold online are not certified for the specifications they are advertising. See networking equipment.