In relation to NetFlix, please note the below;

* NetFlix has only officially partnered with a handful of devices, including Samsung, LG etc. This means all other devices will not be able to find NetFlix on the Google Play Store (or it will say ‘this app is not compatible with your device’).

Not to worry, though! This doesn’t mean you can’t use NetFlix on your device (NetFlix will work on any Android device).

* You need to install NetFlix from outside the Google play store > this is due to the fact that NetFlix has only chosen a handful of manufacturers/devices to partner with.

Any other android box or device will face the same issue. When downloading from the Google Play Store > it checks your device name/model > and if not on the “whitelist” that NetFlix has chosen, you will be unable to download/install the app.

Also note: the official version of NetFlix from the Google Play Store, has also been reported to not be working on other Android devices. (so before you follow the instructions below,  i would recommend you uninstall your current netflix version from the android settings, if you already have NetFlix installed).

* The solution is to download/install NetFlix from outside the Google Play Store, see below:

1) If you own an XMEDEX branded box, you can install NetFlix from the “XMEDEX App Store” which you will find in the ‘all apps’ section of your device. This is a very easy and simple solution

2) If you own a MINIX branded box, MINIX have advised that they have sorted the issue in the final firmware update > which has netflix pre-installed. Please update your devices firmware. To update the firmware > go to the ‘all apps’ section. And there is an app inside for the MINIX System update. Once you do the update, go back and check again for any new update (they update in increments, so there may be more than 1 update) – keep updating until you finally install all the latest updates.

3) If you own any other branded Android device/box, then you can download NetFlix using any of the links below:



You can download any of the above links using your PC / Computer. Once downloaded, put the downloaded file onto a USB stick. Plug the USB stick into any USB port on your box. Then, on your Android Box, you need to go to your ‘file manager’ or ‘file browser’ or ‘file explorer’ (different devices have a different name for this app). Once open, click on the ‘USB’ – it will now display all the files in your USB stick. Click on the NetFlix apk that you downloaded, it will automatically prompt you to ‘install’ – done 🙂