This post is referring to AIR MOUSE wireless remote controllers.

Let me assist in troubleshooting with you and providing you with some useful information;

It is a common issue with people that use ‘air mouses’. Air mouses will not drain the batteries in your remote when used correctly.

The battery drainage issue can occur for the following reason;

1) The air mouse is kept active overnight and/or when not in use. Let me help to explain this further;

When the Air Mouse is switched ON, it is sending the pointer signal to your box/tv. (picture this as someone pressing and holding a button on a remote continuously without taking their finger off). Many people turn their TV off after they finish using the box (or switch to normal TV etc) – but do not actually turn their TV Box off (this is not an issue, and you don’t need to turn your TV Box off – but if you do, it will cut off the signal to the USB ports, which means it will cut off the signal to your air mouse controller, so it will stop transmitting a signal/using battery power)

However, as stated above, you dont need to turn your box off> you just need to deactivate the air mouse at this stage. Every air mouse has a dedicated button on the controller which will turn the air mouse on and off. So when you stop using your device, just press the air mouse button to deactivate the air mouse, and this will preserve your batteries life.

All wireless controllers that we stock have a ‘sleep mode’ – this means that when the remote is not being used (even though your device is switched on) – the remote will stop transmitting a signal. Pressing any button on the remote control will re-activate the remote (but this ‘sleep mode’ will not work if your air mouse is activated).

I hope this helps in preserving your battery life 🙂

If the above doesn’t help: please unplug the USB receiver when you are not using the wireless controller, and then plug it in when you plan to use it