If your MINIX box is not performing the way it used too, or feels like something is wrong (laggy and freezing), please see below to resolve this problem:

  1. This is a software/firmware issue – and generally caused by performing MINIX updates. In some cases the box may be like this from the get-go, in other cases it can happen over time or directly after performing a MINIX OTA update.

To attempt to fix this issue on your own, Please try the following:

Unplug your box from the power, wait 5 seconds, then plug it back into the power (but DONT turn the unit ON yet!!)

Now on the bottom (or on the side) of your box, you will find a small hole – this is actually a reset pin hole (don’t worry, we’re not going to reset the box and you will not lose any data). What you need to do is insert a pin into this hole (and make sure you feel a click). Sometimes it may take a few times to get this right

Once you are sure you have the pin inside and ‘clicked’ (you will feel it) – keep holding the pin inside, now press the physical ON button on your MINIX box (at the same time while you are holding the pin) – and keep holding the pin for 10 seconds.

If successful, you will enter the ‘android recovery menu’. Inside the android recovery menu, there will be a few options such as ‘wipe data/factory reset’ , ‘wipe cache’ , ‘reboot’ etc.

You need to select the option ‘wipe cache‘, (NOT ‘wipe data’) – Once selected, you will see some yellow text on the bottom of the screen (this is the wiping process). Once complete, select ‘reboot’ from the menu, or simply unplug the box from the power, and turn it back on again.

The issue will now be resolved and your device will perform super snappy once again.

Note: this is also the same process for any other android tv box / kodi box (except for most other devices, you need to place the pin into the reset hole BEFORE plugging in the power – as some boxes turn on instantly when plugged in the power). It’s a good idea to perform this action every couple of months to keep the device running smooth.

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Also note that we can provide refurbishment services for any android box, even if not purchased through us!