Infrared Learning Function

The buttons on the front of the remote can be programmed with an IR signal. Ie; you can make the red power button turn on your TV, and the volume keys turn the volume up/down on your TV etc. This allows you to use 1 remote for all your needs.

Please follow the below instructions to get started:

1)     ‘Short press’ the TV Button, so the controller switches to Infrared mode

2)     ‘Long press’ the TV Button for 3 seconds, the LED will blink red, then release the TV Button. The LED will stay red, which indicates ‘learning mode’ active.

3)     Place your IR TV Remote and the XMEDEX remote head to head, with a 2cm gap, then press on the desired button you would like to program (on the XMEDEX Remote) control. It will then blink red. Now press the button on your IR TV Remote which you would like it to learn. The XMEDEX Remote will now stay red, which indicates it has taken the signal.

4)     Press the ‘TV’ button on the XMEDEX Remote for 3 seconds, the Remote will start blinking quickly. This indicates that the learning was successful! Now go ahead and try it out! To switch back to wireless mode, just click the ‘TV’ button. Remember, Red coloured blinks on the remote indicate you are in Infrared mode, whilst Green coloured blinks on the remote indicate you are in wireless mode.

If you need further assistance with this – please contact the friendly team at XMEDEX by visiting their website. They can supply you with a PDF instruction guide.