It has been reported by people with data caps that there internet data usage is being excessively used up really fast after the latest SuperMax Wizard update – but was perfectly fine before the last update.

Some users have reported that the box is using up over 20GB per day (in some cases, even more!) – this is not good especially for people who have a download limit – as this can easily finish your internet data before the month is over (causing your internet to be ‘capped’ and become slow).

We have taken the time to find the issue, below we will explain what the issue is, and how to resolve it:

Its actually the new screensaver in the latest update – The latest SuperMax update introduced a new (and pretty amazing) HD Screensaver. When the box is not in use, it will display random Super HD clips of various city’s around the world, such as New York & Dubai.

However, everytime a new HD screensaver appears, it actually downloads it, then displays it –  the screensaver app is poorly designed as it does not store/load the pre-downloaded HD screensavers, it keeps downloading them again every single time – so if you leave your box and the media center on, it will keep chewing through your data all day long.

You can resolve this by disabling the screensaver, or reverting it back to the default “dim” option.

To do that, click on settings, then click on appearance, then scroll down to screensaver, and on the right hand side , there is an option to change the current screensaver, or disable it entirely.

Alternatively, you can close the media center when not in use – and this will prevent the screensaver from running all day/night.


They will indeed be fixing this issue in the next update