If you are using the supermax wizard and wish to install a ‘country option pack’ such as greek, italian, vietnamese, turkish, australian etc please refer to the below:

After you install the main package from the supermax wizard, please wait a few minutes while it does all the automatic addon updates.

Once its done, you will notice that the menu options have changed.

Click on the new ‘update’ menu, you will then get a new screen pop up saying ‘welcome to the supermax wizard’.

Click on ‘country layouts’ (the button directly next to “install package”), then highlight ‘greek option pack’ (example), then press the red install button.

It will ask you to reboot the device once it completes the installation. The next time you launch the media center, you need to wait a minute or so. You will see some small yellow text on your screen which says something along the lines of “building menu” or “writing menu” or “building shortcuts”.

There will be a percentage mark next to it, once it reaches 100%, the page will ‘refresh’, and the new greek menu will appear.

Inside the new greek menu , you will find ‘supermax greek’ as the first option, which is the app that provides all the live working greek channels, aswell as other dedicated greek content for easy access. This is the same procedure for installing any other country pack. Country packs in the supermax wizard will add a new menu selection with that countries specific content.