Hellenic TV is dead – full stop. The only kodi app which can provide you with all the Greek channels is SuperMax Greek TV. It has all the Live Greek channels including ANT, Alpha, MEGA, MEGA ONE, MEGA COSMOS, EPT 1, EPT 2, EPT 3, Star, SKAI, Sigma, RIK SAT & many more. There is around 100 Greek channels available for live streaming.

You must use the SuperMax Greek Kodi addon in order to watch live greek tv in Kodi.

In order to get the SuperMax Greek addon, you need to use the ‘SuperMax Wizard’. After you install the addons package from the Wizard, you then need to click on the new ‘update’ menu inside of Kodi. When you click on it, it will launch the supermax wizard directly. Now instead of clicking ‘install package’, click on ‘country layouts’ instead, then select ‘Greek option pack’, then press install.

This will install a new Greek menu onto your Kodi main menu screen, this will provide you with easy access to all the latest Greek content, including greek live channels, greek series, greek movies & greek radio.

Also note that Greek series and movies are now available and working (not using Hellenic TV) – you must install the latest supermax package for them to work again.