If your device is powered ON, and you can see an LED light on the box which confirms that your device is powered up, but you are getting ‘no signal’ on your TV – please read on.

However, if you cannot see an LED light on the box, this could indicate no power being delivered to the device – you may need to physically press the ON button on the tv box itself (not on the remote), to initiate the start up process. (this is generally the case with MINIX boxes).

Starting the troubleshooting process:

The first thing to check is the HDMI connection. Ensure that both ends of the HDMI are plugged in all the way into your tv box, with the other end into your TV. Sometimes you may need to apply some pressure for the HDMI cable to securely enter the port (there are cases where the HDMI cable appears to be plugged in, but need a little push to fully connect).

You will now need to confirm that you have selected the correct HDMI Source on your TV. Your TV will generally have more than 1 HDMI channel, so if you are not sure which HDMI port you have plugged the box into, you can flick through all the HDMI channels to check if the screen is active on one of them. If your tv box has been sitting idle for a while, it may be in ‘sleep mode’. Try pressing on any button on the remote to wake it up.

Another reason this can occur is if a user accidentally changes the screen resolution to something which is not compatible with your TV. For example, if the android settings had HDMI set to ‘auto detect’, but then you changed it to ‘example resolution’, and your TV doesn’t support ‘example resolution’ , you will be faced with a ‘no signal’.

The way to get it to work again, is to plug it into a computer monitor (generally better than plugging it into a TV), and then changing the screen resolution back to ‘auto detect’ or back to a compatible resolution for your TV. Feel free to try it on another TV if you do not have a computer monitor on hand.

A common error is that people may change the resolution to 4K with a 4K compatible box, and if your TV is not a 4K TV, this will cause the above issue.

If your TV is infact 4K compatible, then please note the following: 99% of 4K TV’s only have ONE 4K compatible HDMI port. This is usually HDMI port number 1.

For example, your new 4K TV may have 4 HDMI ports labelled HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3 & HDMI 4. But 3 out of the 4 HDMI ports are generally NOT 4K compatible. You can refer to your TV’s user manual to confirm. Please switch the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your TV which is 4K compatible, and this should resolve your issue.

If all fails, please unplug the HDMI cable, and instead, use the AV cables (not supplied with all tv boxes). This cable has 1 black 3.5mm connection on one end, and 3 RED YELLOW WHITE RCA cables on the other end. The black 3.5mm connection plugs into the port which is usually labelled as “AV” on tv boxes. While the red yellow white cables plug into the back of your TV. You then need to change the channel on your TV to the AV source. The screen should appear, and then you can factory reset the box via the android settings. Once the reset is complete, you can use the HDMI cable again.