*Air Mouse cursor drifting to the left, or drifting up / down / right etc – or simply moving erratically

This can happen to any AIR MOUSE Remote controller – for reasons such as: you are using really low batteries, or you have dropped the remote control.

Many people have the false assumption that the remote is now faulty (and in some cases throw away the remote or buy a new one – but this is a mistake) – fixing it is easy 🙂

a) Ensure you have fully charged batteries inside the remote. If you are using old or nearly depleted batteries, the mouse cursor will not function properly. This is usually a sign that it’s time to change the batteries.
b) Re‐calibrate the air mouse: Re‐Calibrating the Air Mouse to fix ‘drifting’ is easy – however, every air mouse remote controller has different steps to perform this action. Below are the steps for re-calibrating the XMEDEX PRO Air Mouse as a general reference – if you would like the instructions for re-calibration for any other air mouse, please get in touch and we will provide them to you 🙂
Step 1) Have the receiver plugged into your device
Step 2) Press and HOLD the OK button along with the HOME button
Step 3) The remote will start blinking green really fast (at this stage, you should position the remote in the correct position.)
The error here is that most people will put the remote on a ‘flat surface’ for re‐calibration. However, when the remote is on a flat surface, it is slightly facing down.
So you should be standing up straight, with your remote in your hand, pointing towards a virtual screen (ensuring that the remote is pointing straight, and slightly up).
Step 4) The remote will have a static green light (not flashing) for about 5‐10 seconds. During this 5‐10 seconds, is the re‐calibration process. (this is the time when you need to stay still keeping the remote in the position from step 3). If you did not get it right, you can repeat the process.