Important Notice 21/10/2019:

Dear DROIDWORLD users, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to our past and present customers. We have indeed gone through a very tough time over the past year where our service has deteriorated due to both health and financial issues following. We have over 1000 tickets which have not received a response (yes, this also includes sales tickets) – Our ticket system is currently unmanned – please do not assume we are ignoring you. We have never been “scammers” nor ever will be. For those who know us know that we have been in operation since 2013 and have always been ‘for the people’. We had a tough decision to make, either; finalize all outstanding orders and call it quits, or fight through the hardship and get back on our feet. We chose to not throw away all we’ve worked hard for over the years and are pushing through. Please rest assured that DROIDWORLD is here to stay and we are not going anywhere – furthermore we will be releasing a complete transparency report in due course. We are getting back on our feet as we speak, and have already began dispatching orders to all customers (even those who have already claimed ‘chargebacks’ from their banks and have already received the money back). Our reputation is far more important to us than our pockets. The explanation and cause for this has been provided in the packages sent to customers along with their items (plus many freebies ranging from extra boxes to extra remotes to tech gear). If you are a customer who is also still waiting for your package – please rest assured that you will receive it soon. For those who have already received their package along with all the freebies, we kindly request if you can update your review on the ProductReview website – this doesn’t mean changing it from a negative review to a positive one, but rather, an honest one. We would like you to edit the part where you imply that we are ‘scammers’, as we have clearly shown that this is far from the truth. Furthermore, we have pushed an update to the Media Center on the 16/10/2019 to enhace the user experience of our past customer base. We really hope that some of our old customers who we have been servicing and providing updates to their devices (for FREE) for over 5 years can take some time out of their day to leave us a review on the ProductReview website. We really need the motivational assistance. For any new customer orders, please understand there will be a delay in the processing of your order as we must continue to push through the backlog of the older orders.

So whats the plan now? Our plan is to continue to push through the backlog of orders and get them out as quickly as possible (including those who sent in devices for repair). Once we complete this phase, we will be closing all 1000+ support tickets simultaneously with a message of explanation. (Yes, that means we will not be replying to any existing support tickets). This will give us a chance to ‘start fresh’ (which will also be noted to customers when closing their support tickets), and any customer with any outstanding issue (which we know there are many) will need to open a new ticket. We believe this will be the best way moving forward and to get back on track in the quickest most efficient way possible. You will know once we have reached this stage as all your open support tickets will be closed with an automatic reply – and at that stage, we will have new staff dedicated to customer support ready to take on your new support tickets. Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority and we’ll do everything in our power to make this right.

We thank those who kept their trust in us, we won’t let you down again. To those who assumed the worst in us, even after all the years of service to you.. very disappointing.