Holiday Update

Update 17/01/2017

We are still working through both orders and support tickets at the same time 🙂 As per our site-wide notice, new orders will have a 1-2 week dispatch delay. We are also building a Knowledge Base to provide fast information that you may access prior to opening a support ticket. We are generating the knowledge base, based on the questions being asked in our support tickets – in order to provide the most relevant information which users need.

Please note that if you are waiting for a response to an enquiry, please ensure that you have opened a Support Ticket on our website ‘contact’ page. If you have only sent your message via Facebook or email, please re-send the enquiry via a ticket. We are moving towards ticket based support to ensure that all inquiries are answered and users will have access to the history of their past and current support tickets. DROIDWORLD will also keep the history of contact in order to provide you with a personalised support experience.


Update 06/01/2017

Please note: As of today we have processed all orders up to 28th of December 2016. There will be a 1-2 week delay on new orders due to playing catch up with our backlog of orders and support enquiries.

To be fair to all, we are now switching our focus to customer support rather than deliveries of new customer orders. We thank you for your patience and support so far – we are a small team and are doing our best to get things together during this tough period.

There are over 200 support tickets alone which are still waiting for replies – this does not include emails & facebook messages.

If your issue has already been resolved (ie; if you opened a support ticket asking ‘when is my order going to be dispatched’ and your order has already been dispatched/received – please do us a favour and close that ticket so we can utilise our time on those who still need assistance.) We also kindly request again that you do not open multiple tickets for the same issue or post it in different locations as this is slowing us down.

We believe that by Monday 23rd (2 weeks time) we will be back on track for fast dispatch of new orders aswell as fast response to support enquiries.

We thank you for your support and patience

Stock Notice: The DROIDWORLD QTV & Tronsmart MX3 Plus are now out of stock (and have been marked as out of stock on the product page) – As our stock depleted faster than expected, we have not been able to receive our next batch in time. We will not delay the orders for these devices, instead – we will be dispatching more expensive models free as a courtesy to those who have made orders on these devices. If our stock arrives before the dispatch, we will dispatch the boxes you ordered. 

Stay tuned as we will be bringing in new stock and a new range of tech gadgets and other cool products to the DROIDWORLD store



As you may or may not be aware, we were on holiday and have returned back to business on December the 15th.
This is a courtesy message to let you know that we are currently processing all orders which were made during our time away in the order that they were purchased.

Please note that the order cut off date for delivery in-time for Christmas was December 15th. This means any order made on the 15th or after will more than likely arrive after Christmas – we apologise for the inconvenience.
Any order made before December the 15th should arrive before Christmas via Express delivery services. We will do our best to dispatch both orders which were made before the 15th and after the 15th ASAP.
We have received more orders than expected during this time-frame and are working our backsides off to get them to you in time!

Please note that we are not replying to customer service emails or tickets just yet, as we are prioritizing the Christmas deliveries. If you have sent through an enquiry please be patient until we pass through this tough week or two. If you know of a friend who is waiting on an enquiry response, please forward this message to them too 🙂 Please do not double up on messages or tickets to try and receive a response – this will only make it harder and longer to reply to everyone. One ticket is enough and we will get to it as soon as we can 🙂 After this tough week or two, business will return to normal with fast customer service response time and 24-48 hour dispatch time for new orders. We just need your help to remain patient and let other DROIDWORLD users know of the situation.

That’s all for now folks, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!